Lanning your wedding day can be rather stressful but it can also be a lot of fun. The key is for you, the key to remain as calm as possible and take everything in stride. It is important for you to remember that no part of your wedding is irreplaceable and that there are always ways to get around every little problem you face. Your guests for example will not know the difference between one choice and another choice and therefore to the guest, whichever decision you make will still seem perfect.


The problem with budgets

One of the biggest and most stressful problems that most brides and grooms face is budget. Everything that has anything to do with weddings will always cost a lot of money and many brides will find that most of the little details that she had planned for her perfect wedding day will be too expensive. However, it is unnecessary to have your wedding in a big fancy reception or function hall. You could have a wedding that is just as perfect in your own home if you are creative enough saving you enough of money to implement all the little details that you wanted for your wedding with a little money left over for your honeymoon as well. You could have one of the interior design companies Dubai come in and redecorate your house to transform it in to something out of a fairytale. You would be very surprised at how much difference a few small strokes of paint and a few inexpensive but well planned changes can make for your home to turn it in to an absolutely gorgeous home worthy of a wedding celebration.

The next hitch that you are likely to face is dealing with catering companies in Dubai. They will charge you very high figures for your wedding catering simply because it is your wedding. The same companies will charge a much lower rate for the same buffet if it was for a party or a regular event.

One trick you can try to save money during your wedding is to leave out the details about your wedding when making all of your orders for catering, cakes, décor and even your own hair and makeup. Simply explain that you are having a party and you will be able to obtain the services for a fraction of the cost.  You will be surprised to find how much money you will save on your hair and makeup alone if you simply go to a salon and ask to have your hair and makeup done for a party.


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