Anyone who is holding an event is going to have a hard time. It is not easy to hold an event. You have to go through the guest list, ensure that people are seated next to people they like, make sure every allergy in the room is accounted for and nothing will be there to trigger it. Then of course you have to take care of the children. The children would have to be looked after and kept distracted throughout the event. All of this is not easy but they all pale in comparison to the hardest thing you have to do when organizing an event.


So what is the hardest thing? It is sorting out the food.

The newest trend to hit the world of food is being fussy. People want gluten-free food, lactose-free food, fat- free food, eggless food and the list goes on. Some of these can be due to health concerns but in other cases it is just a fad. So if you are deciding on what food to buy for the event, you have to know the dietary needs of your guests and have food for them as well. So if someone is lactose intolerant, you need to buy at least one food that is free of dairy so they can eat it.

Furthermore choosing the best caterers in Singapore for the event will also be quite difficult. You need to have food that your guests would enjoy. There is no use serving exotic Indian food, if majority of your guests cannot eat spicy food. You could possibly end up having angry, frustrated guests and a lot of uneaten food. So make sure to choose the cuisine wisely then you can decide on the caterers.

When choosing the caterers and you want to choose the best one, you can of course ask people know for restaurants or caterers they recommend. However instead of choosing the one that they suggest blindly, make sure to eat the food they serve. It is always best to go with food that the restaurant recommends because those are the ones that they make best and have received a lot of compliments for. So if the restaurant recommends their thin crust pizza then make sure to try it out. If you like what they serve you can then consider making them do the event catering.

As tough as choosing food for an event is, if you have made the right choice, just seeing all the people eating and praising the food will keep you happy for ages after the event is over and done with. However we should be realistic, even if the food tastes amazing someone would still find fault with it. So do not fret about those comments. If the majority says the food is good then take the compliments and enjoy the event.


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